About Us

Serenity Home Watch is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Ursula Gonzalez-Osterwalder and Joseph Gonzalez.

Ursula is a native of Switzerland, while Joe grew up in Florida. They have both been residing in Cape Coral, Florida for the past seven years, and have been working in the home watch business for the past three years. Joe has been a law enforcement professional for over 18 years. They both speak fluent German and Spanish.

Serenity Home Watch is an established professional company that will check and maintain the condition of your home while you are away for any extended period of time. We want to ensure you have serenity and peace of mind knowing that a trusted and capable company is keeping an eye on your property when you're not home.

We guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way. When you have questions, we will always be ready and available to help. Don't trust your home's care to anyone else.