Serenity Home Watch Service offers the following weekly or monthly services:

  • Check overall appearance of home
  • Remove yard debris
  • Check Air filters and replace as needed
  • Inspect A/C and heating system to ensure is working properly and at the right temperature
  • Inspect household appliances
  • Check all windows and doors to make sure they are secure
  • Run water in the sinks, and showers, and flush toilets
  • Water plants if applicable
  • Check indoor/outdoor lighting and replace bulbs if necessary
  • Inspect the garage and garage door opener
  • Start, idle, run vehicles kept in the garage
  • Reset alarm if applicable
  • Visually check the pool and pool equipment
  • Add water to swimming pool if needed
  • Provide digital photos of property via e-mail/ once a month
  • Notify home owner immediately of any problems encountered
  • Pick up mail, newspaper, flyers, and door hangers
  • Provide names of trusted licensed contractors if any repair work is needed

Additional Services may be performed upon request. It is our desire  to keep your property well maintained, and to ensure you have no concerns while you're away. We communicate best by phone, e-mail, or skype, and we enjoy having a great business relationship with all our customers. We proudly serve the Cape Coral and Ft. Myers area.